Bath BID’s Biodiversity Bench Project

Biodiversity Benches Project
Each animal has been carefully handpainted by the Bath BID’s very own Miriam Zaccarelli

Inspired by Britain in Bloom and the Festival of Nature, we are delighted to be running the Bath BID’s Biodiversity Bench Project! Join in on the Summer Sundays activities by exploring the benches surrounding Bath Abbey, which will be brought to life with decorations of animals that all call Bath home!

We are incredibly fortunate to have a diverse range of habitats, from rare wildflower meadows, Iron Age hill forts, ancient bluebell woodlands and thriving urban wildlife in Bath. Each of these habitats supports species from hedgehogs, dormice and butterflies, to peregrine falcons that fly overhead. So why not celebrate them?

There are 21 animals to find scattered all over the benches! Will you be able to find them all? Make sure to look at all sides of the bench or you might miss one!

Keep your eyes peeled as you might even see some of our animals in other locations around the city like Broad Street Community Garden.

Broad Street Community Garden

Discover the following animals on plant pots in Broad Street Community Garden:

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