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Richard Marx at the Forum

17 May @ 6:30 pm 9:30 pm

2022 marked Richard Marx’s thirty-fifth year as a recording artist, and his thirty-eighth as a  professional songwriter. 1984’s “What About Me,” released as a trio by Kenny Rogers, Kim  Carnes and James Ingram was co-written by Richard and became not only his first song recorded  by an artist, but his first number one as a writer. In September last year, Marx release his unique and ambitious album, simply and appropriately titled Songwriter.

Songwriter contains twenty tracks crossing four different musical genres. Five pop songs, five  rock songs, five country songs and five beautiful ballads. “I’ve had such an amazing opportunity  in my songwriting career to write all kinds of songs with, and for, all kinds of artists,” says  Richard. “It finally occurred to me that there was no reason not to record an album of my own  that touches on multiple genres I love.”

While he included a few existing songs that were written in the recent past, the bulk of  Songwriter was created over the past year. “For instance,” Richard says, “I wrote a modern rock  song a few years back called “Just Go” that I really love but I didn’t feel it fit the vibe of my last  two albums. The band and I played it live a few times and people seemed to really love it, so I’m  happy to finally get it out there.”

While several of the songs on Songwriter were composed by Richard alone (as on all of his  previous albums) collaborations make up the majority of the tracks, including some co-written  with various music superstars. “One Day Longer” was written by Richard and his longtime  friend, Keith Urban, who has taken previous collaborations by the two (“Better Life” and “Long  Hot Summer”) straight to the top of the country charts. “Breaking My Heart” was co-written  with Darius Rucker and former Evanescence founder, David Hodges. “My Love, My Enemy” is  a gem of a rock song written by Richard and another longtime friend and collaborator, Vertical  Horizon’s Matt Scannell. “One More Yesterday” was composed with Chris Daughtry and  Lifehouse’s Jason Wade. And a new ballad, “Always” is the creation of Richard and one of his  lifelong heroes, the legendary Burt Bacharach. “The experience of sitting in a room and writing a  song with Burt is something I consider one of the greatest thrills of my life. That we wrote a song  we’re both so deeply proud of and in love with makes me all that much more grateful. Plus,  we’ve become really good pals. Burt is ninety-four and all he wants to do is write more great  songs. He’s such an inspiration.”

Additionally, Richard collaborated with two of his sons, both singer-songwriter-producers in  their own right. “Shame On You” and “We Are Not Alone” were written with Jesse Marx (whose  debut EP under the band name Mark This Hour was recently released) and Lucas Marx co-wrote  and produced three songs, including the album’s first single, “Same Heartbreak Different Day”.

Every year that I get to continue writing songs, making records and doing concerts all over  the world, I become more grateful. We musicians are the only occupation I can think of, other  than athletes, who have the incredibly good fortune to use the word “play” for what we do. The  “Songwriter” album is a longtime dream of mine finally realized, and I still have a bunch of  cards up my sleeve.

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