Walcot Street

The Walcot Street area of Bath has held the informal title of Bath’s Artisan Quarter since the 1960s, and brings together a vibrant collection of characterful independent shops and restaurants.

Started in 2017, Wild Walcot is a community partnership project aiming to co-design and create a wildlife-friendly green corridor along the length of Walcot Street. Throughout summer 2017, a neglected piece of land next to the Corn Exchange building was turned into a community garden by enthusiastic volunteers, local residents and business owners.

As you wander along Walcot Street, you will also spot floral hanging baskets and planters, as well as ‘The Stone Faces of Walcot’, a trail of 20 familiar faces from the area recreated in stone.

At the end of Walcot Street, you will find Hedgemead Park, a five-acre park that was realised following a landslide that destroyed houses beneath Camden Crescent in the 1870s. The Vegmead Community Garden, located within Hedgemead Park, is a circular edible garden which is looked after on behalf of the community by the Vegmead Community Group.