Digital Playground

21 June 2021
27 June 2021

An immersive, walk-through forest installation of oversized, robotic flowers and hanging gardens. As visitors move around it becomes apparent that the forest’s appearance subtly changes according to their movements and position in space.

These biologically inspired, plant infused, robotic sculptures react to audience movements and behaviours with creative digital programming. Simply walking, stepping, swaying, spinning or even dancing in the space will change the movements, shape and mood of the sculpture.

This oasis aims to passively remind us all to take it slowly, breathe, feel safe and allow playfulness. Not replacing nature, but representing our relationship with the environment and exploring possibilities of technological innovation to aid ecological sustainability.

The work explores how humans flourish when we can enjoy having positive agency over the world outside, however subtle, which can help open up leisure time in a safe and sustainable way.