FilmBath Festival 2023 – You Can Live Forever

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28 October 2023 at 6:00 pm
28 October 2023 at 7:46 pm

Jaime, a young lesbian woman, is sent to stay with her aunt and uncle when her father dies. Unfortunately, from Jaime’s point of view, this same aunt and uncle are Jehovah’s Witnesses, sporting those serene and sympathetic faces worn by those who are true believers and know that everyone else is blind. Jaime is not a believer, and life is looking pretty bleak in this small community until she comes across Marike, whose father is the JW’s preacher.

It is clear that Jaime and Marike are drawn to each other, yet even when Marike admits her attraction, and they know they have to keep their relationship secret because of the antipathy with which it would be greeted – even then, Marike’s faith is unshaken. When The Rapture comes, they can be together, and it doesn’t matter that Jaime doesn’t believe in any rapture.

Sarah Watts – the co-director – based the story on her own experience which is probably what gives it such an authentic feel. It’s a lovely film, full of sensitivity to the two main characters, but to others as well, and we see the attraction of a small tightly-knit community as well as its fatal flaws.