Rotary Club of Bath Festival of Motoring

13 April 2021
1 December 2021

Sadly, due to the uncertainties resulting from the pandemic, Bath Rotary Club have decided to cancel the Bath Festival of Motoring this year which was intended to focus on electric propulsion as well as showcasing the best of motoring from the last 100 years. However, they are producing a Virtual Festival of Motoring.

This is to maintain interest in the real annual event which has gained plaudits from everybody in the past, to give owners an opportunity to show off vehicles and at the same time raise some funds for the charities which were nominated to benefit from the real event.

The charities which they support are Dorothy House and Nova Sports and Coaching

The virtual event cannot provide the excitement of a live gathering of enthusiasts but it will be entertaining with pictures, descriptions and videos and hopefully the offer of prizes will encourage exhibitors to participate. For the young they are also running an online Road Safety Poster Competition with prizes.