Savouring Bath Guilty Pleasures Tour

19 October 2021
22 October 2021

Savouring Bath will take you to all the places where you’d love to go and indulge on a daily basis but really feel you shouldn’t!

Think about the types of food which always tempt you so easily. One more chocolate from the box, or another mini sausage roll from the buffet. An extra (only little) piece of cake. All those things you might try when you think nobody’s looking! These are the kind of foods you’ll be sampling on this tour.

Guilty Pleasures are not all sweet foods though. This tour introduces some of the best of Bath’s culinary artisans specialising in both sweet and savoury indulgences.  Each are experts in that something special which might add to your waistline if indulged aplenty. But they’ve carefully curated a selection of samples, which will simply act as fleeting temptation.

This tour focuses less on Bath’s culinary heritage, and more on the food itself. Joining Savouring Bath for their Guilty Pleasures tour will ensure you know where to go for that special moment all about you!