The Bath Festival: Frankenstein in Bath Walking Tour

17 May 2021
18 May 2021

One of Bath’s best kept secrets is that most of Frankenstein was written in Bath. Follow in the footsteps of its creator Mary Shelley and learn more about her life, which was every bit as gothic as the story she told.

Local award-winning Show of Strength Theatre Company will introduce us to Frankenstein in Bath, a real-life tale of secrets and lies, suicides, concealed births, ruined reputations, and false identities. Mary Shelley arrived in Bath in September 1816 with three secrets she was desperate to keep. Five months later she left with two even darker secrets and the world’s first science fiction novel.

See the city where she lived and wrote; where her father stayed in one of Georgian England’s great hotels; where she took painting lessons – and where her step-sister gave birth to Lord Byron’s illegitimate child. Discover where she hid her secrets and why they stayed hidden for 200 years.

The tour finishes at Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, the first attraction dedicated to Mary Shelley and her most infamous creation. We hope to offer an exclusive sneak preview at the end of the tour ahead of its opening in June.