Wellness Weekend – ZYTO Personal Wellness Scan with Claire Doig

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18 September 2021
18 September 2021

Does your sleep, energy, mood, hormones, immune system, or life generally, feel out of balance? Would you like some answers?

A ZYTO Balance biocommunication scan can help you take control of your wellbeing and health.

Gain valuable insights into what’s going on with your core body systems: immune, gastrointestinal, hormonal/endocrine and detoxification.

You can have a ZYTO scan and receive a detailed report, unique to you, that also has details on lifestyle areas such as sleep, stress, inflammation, hydration, diet and nutrition, toxic/environmental stress and emotions. The report shows which ones are out of balance or range and determines which nutritional supplements, authentic essential oils, or services that can help bring your body systems and emotions back into balance.

This event is part of World Wellness Weekend at The Soul Spa.