Father’s Day in Bath

Bath is a wonderful place to explore throughout the year and has plenty going on. But what is there to do over Father’s Day? The Bath BID has asked some members of their team and some Bath-based businesses what they would like to do with their Dad on Father’s Day.

Michael Musgrave, General Manager of the Apex City of Bath and Member of the Bath BID Board of Directors
Michael and his son, Joshua

What would be your perfect day with your Dad?

A perfect day would be starting with a coffee from ‘Bath Coffee Company’ on Kingsmead Square and watch the city go by in the morning.

We would then take a hike up to Prior Park as we are National Trust members and admire the views overlooking Bath. Being outdoorsy people, we do enjoy a picnic and taking in the sounds of the birds and wildlife.

The afternoon would consist of an aperitif at Grapes or The Raven to relax followed by a delicious meal at the Scallop Shell.

Alison Stubbs, Events and Marketing Manager at the Bath BID
Alison and her Dad

What would be your perfect day with your Dad?

In the morning my Dad enjoys freshly baked pastries and coffee so I would take him to Rosario’s Café in Northumberland Passage.

After that, we would go for a walk-through Bath seeing all the attractions such as the Bath Abbey, Roman Baths, Assembly Rooms and the Royal Crescent.  He appreciates the architecture of Bath and enjoys exploring different locations every time he comes. I might even show him the Georgian Garden on Gravel Walk if the weather is nice!

After a brisk walk, he would like to take a few minutes to relax and calm down. He’s a very calm person, so there wouldn’t be anywhere better to take him than Thermae Bath Spa (I used to work there and he’s never been!). He would like to float for a few hours in the natural thermal waters and experience the Wellness Suite. I think he would particularly like the Celestial Relaxation Room dedicated to William Herschel and the discovery of Uranus. Alternatively, if the weather is warm, he might embrace a plunge in the cool water of the Cleveland Pools.

For lunch or dinner, he enjoys quirky places, so I would take him to either Coppa Club or Ludo Sports Bar in SouthGate. Ludo Sports Bar is based directly next to Bath Spa Train Station and you can see the trains coming past, he’s a Train Driver and even when he’s not at work he enjoys watching the trains come through the station.

Alex Peters, Director of Green Park Brasserie and Bath Pizza Co and Member of Bath BID Board of Directors
Alex and his Dad

What would be your perfect day with your Dad?

A countryside walk with the whole family with the enticement of a good pub lunch as the final destination. Bath has some wonderful countryside pubs – take your pick from some of South Bath’s finest – The Packhorse, The Wheatsheaf at Combe Hay, The Inn at Freshford or for a few local Ciders at Tuckers Grave Inn near Faulkland. My Dad and I are in the restaurant world and his origins were in the Wine Trade so food and drink are always front and centre. So, great lunch with some interesting bottles in good company – ideally in the sunshine!

Miriam Zaccarelli, Office and Projects Coordinator at the Bath BID

What would be your perfect day with your Dad?

Miriam and her Dad

In looking for the perfect day out in Bath for my Dad – an Italian music-lover in his seventies – I discovered a brilliant night of ABBA music at The Forum on 7th June. Close enough to Father’s Day to count but far enough away to avoid the Father’s Day crowds (and fortunately on a Friday which is my day off) – it is the ideal date for our Father focused foray into Bath. 

We get off the bus at Pulteney Bridge at around 12.30 and enjoy the view over the iconic weir, while he explains the hydraulic physics of the cascading water.  A delicious coffee at Mokoko gets us ready for the afternoon’s adventures which start with a visit to Bath Abbey for a quick prayer by my mum, and an appreciation of the gorgeous architecture by my dad. We’d have time to sample the traditional and exotic flavours at The Real Italian Ice Cream on York Street (with a quick wave to my colleagues in the windows of the BID office) before a visit to the Roman Baths, to dive into the origins of Bath’s Aqua Sulis, connecting to his ancestral Rome.

Next stop is the Herschel Museum of Astronomy on New King Street, as my dad is fascinated with all things stellar, after which, as we’re approaching dinner, my partner can join us, because they both share a ridiculous sense of humour, and we’ll all appreciate his helpful chauffeur services later.

The four of us will wander over to Kingsmead Square, enjoying the busy summer evening atmosphere, for dinner at Dough, full of laughter, good wine and authentic Italian pizza (with delicious vegan options for me). We’d finish at The Forum for the Thank you for the Music Abba Tribute Night, in time for a drink, and some more dad jokes before the 7.30 show. After the joy of singing along to classic hits for a whole evening, we’d allow ample time for chats with my dad’s new best friends he would have made along our row. Happily exhausted from such an adventurous day, both my parents can sleep in the comfy car all the way home. 

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12 June 2024
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12 June 2024