Queen Square – A Gem of Georgian Bath

Written by House of St Johns

Queen Square, in the heart of Bath, is a masterpiece of Georgian architecture, conceived by John Wood, the Elder, in the early 18th century. Designed in the Palladian style, the square features grand townhouses with symmetrical facades, with each building classed as a Grade I listed structure.

Besides its architectural splendour, Queen Square was originally designed as a social centre. An acre in size, the Square’s central garden provides a space for residents and visitors to celebrate, connect and engage. This tradition continues today, with the square housing a range of interesting businesses and hosting a variety of community events throughout the year.

We look at some of the businesses and gatherings that define Queen Square, and explore how together they are uniting history, culture, and modern vibrancy in one of Bath’s iconic locations.

BATH, UK – MARCH 27TH 2016: The obelisk in Queen Square in Bath, on 27th March 2016. The obelisk was erected by Beau Nash in 1738 in honour of Frederick, Prince of Wales.

Bath Boules

Taking place in Queen Square itself, the yearly Bath Boules tournament weekend is a delightful blend of fun and fundraising, with a charming French twist.

The brain child of well-known French restaurateur Jean-Pierre Auge, who ran the famous Beaujolais bistro for many years, Bath Boules began as a contest of the traditional French game of boules between businesses in and around Queen Square. As more teams joined, it quickly gained traction and became an annual occasion that raises money for local Bath charities.

The event has evolved from a single-day competition into a magnificent four day tournament. With 64 teams from businesses across Bath vying for victory, the Square is transformed into a thriving hub of excitement. Featuring a range of amenities, including a vibrant closed-road street food market, there is plenty to do for those competing, supporting or enjoying the festivities with family and friends.

In the 32 years since its inception, Bath Boules has generously donated over £750,000 to local charities, with 2023’s donations amounting to an incredible £25,395. Tickets are on sale now for the event from 4-7th July. They get snapped up fast so get your tickets sooner rather than later! 

Find out more and book your team tickets: https://bathboules.com 

Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution

The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI) is a cherished independent organisation dedicated to promoting Science, Literature, and Art in Bath and beyond.

As a non-profit, BRLSI serves as a prosperous community hub for cultural activities, offering world-class lectures and access to a renowned exhibit collection spanning natural and human history and geology. With a historic library covering exploration, history, philosophy, and religion on site, BRLSI also champions heritage projects and hosts art exhibitions, designed to enrich the learning and lives of people in the Bath community.

In keeping with its ethos to provide an educational centre for all, BRLSI hosts Local Nature Studies and various like-minded groups such as the Jane Austen Society, Gaskell Society and the Bath Shakespeare Society. They offer a range of discounted room rentals to groups aligned with their charitable and educational mission and are proud to continue to provide the people of Bath with new stimulus and a platform for debate. 

Having opened their doors in 1824, BRLSI are celebrating their 200 year birthday this year. To celebrate they’re hosting a bumper programme of events, exhibitions and festivals for all the family. You can attend lectures and events throughout the year- including an incredible walking trails app, an upcoming mini film festival and some fantastic accessible online exhibitions for those who are unable to visit in person. 

Plan your visit and buy tickets: https://www.brlsi.org 

House of St John’s

Bequeathed to St John’s Foundation in 1953 by descendants of Dick Whittington, 

the House of St John’s, located at No. 1 Queen Square, is a luxury co-working space, complete with a range of bespoke meeting rooms and versatile event space. Offering a range of options to suit your working preference, the House provides access to a thriving network of business professionals within a refined and sophisticated environment. 

Founded by the St John’s Foundation in 2022, the House is a social enterprise that proudly directs its profits to charity. This means profits from memberships, meeting room and events bookings are donated to St John’s to support the aims of the charity’s Foundation Fund – established specifically to close the Key Stage 2 educational attainment gap.

St John’s Foundation, who recently celebrated an incredible 850 years of service, have remained steadfast in their mission to support local people in the Bath and North East Somerset region, a cause which aligns with the House’s ethos of promoting community and growth. The House of St John’s are passionate about contributing to the wider society by supporting local businesses, professionals and creatives, as well as building on St John’s legacy of improving the lives of under-served people in the community. 

Join their House Associates programme and receive 15% off all future meeting room bookings: https://hosj.co.uk  

Queen Square stands not only as a remarkable showcase of Georgian architecture but also as a testament to community spirit and the cultural enrichment taking place within the city. 

With events that combine fun with fundraising, institutions offering a wealth of educational opportunities, and innovative ventures providing sophisticated spaces, Queen Square continues to thrive as a hub of activity and connection. Through a blend of tradition and progress, it remains a cornerstone of Bath’s identity, whilst offering something for everyone to enjoy.

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7 June 2024
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7 June 2024