The Bath BID Welcome Ambassadors Recommend: Celebrating the Heritage of Bath

As a city filled with history and heritage, Bath celebrates its unique past in a variety of different ways, take a walk and you will find something interesting on every corner or immerse yourself in one of the many attractions.

Explore Bath’s Attractions

The Roman Baths

Starting back in with the Romans turning Bath into a city centred around its natural thermal waters and healing, known as Aquae Sulis. The Roman Baths is an incredible restored bathing house, where you can see what the Romans did while they were here. You can now experience what a Roman Gym was like!

No.1 Royal Crescent

Get your bonnets and corsets out, to explore the the Georgian period in Bath (another important era for Bath). During this time, Bath saw a massive influx of people visiting and it became one of the most fashionable places to go in the UK. No.1 Royal Crescent is a great example of what it was like to live in Bath during this time.

The Jane Austen Centre

Alternatively, you can experience what it was like for one of the UK’s most famous writers of all time at The Jane Austen Centre. It offers a snapshot of Regency life and learned habits. You can even join their costumed guides and dress up as your favourite Jane Austen character. Perfect for the hopeless romantic!

House of Frankenstein

A while after Jane Austen, Mary Shelley visited Bath while she was writing her famous novel, Frankenstein. Now, The House of Frankenstein is dedicated to the mother of Science Fiction. Step into the dark world of Frankenstein and experience the story of Mary Shelley and her creature. The perfect immersive experience for people who enjoy a bump in the night!

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Explore the historic city of Bath

From famous film directors to eighteenth-century dandies, Bath inspired the eyes of many creative people throughout the ages. A walking tour is a great way to spot the many places featured in your favourite films or TV series such as Bridgerton, Persuasion and Wonka.

Abbey Green

Starting in Abbey Green, enjoy a delicious hot drink or some food at the Abbey Deli, the location for the Modiste in Bridgerton. From here, follow the road up to the magnificent Bath Abbey. A special feature of Bath Abbey is its 52 windows, occupying 80% of the wall space! Just outside of the Abbey is Kingston Parade where a scene from Wonka was filmed. Scenes from the recent Wonka production were also filmed just over the road in Parade Gardens. Don’t miss the selfie spot of Bath overlooking Pulteney Bridge from above Parade Gardens!

Credit: Parade Gardens Jamie Bellinger

From Parade Gardens, you can head along High Street towards the Guildhall, also a location for some of the balls in Bridgerton. If you follow the road from the Guildhall, towards St Micheals Without, you can walk along Walcot Street and discover some of the amazing traders. This location was going to be used in Wonka but sadly didn’t make it into the final edit of the movie.

Credit: The Circus, Peter Woolley

Make your way up Milsom Street or Broad Street to reach the Circus, another great location to see in Bath. It is a circular structure and if you stand in the middle and clap you can hear the sound waves bounce around the buildings. Head across the Circus and you can walk along Brock Street, where the 2021 version of Persuasion was filmed until you find yourself at the Royal Crescent. A beautiful example of Georgian architecture and the backdrop for scenes in both Persuasion and Bridgerton.

Disability Exhibition at the Bath Medical Museum
Bath Street

Making your way back down the hill you can take a stroll along the Gravel Walk, a scene from Persuasion was filmed here. Don’t miss out on the Georgian Garden! Head across Queen Square, to find two other Bridgerton locations, Trim Street and Beauford Square. Continuing down the hill, you can find yourself on Bath Street, the home of Thermae Bath Spa. The only location in Bath to bathe in its natural thermal waters. It is also where Wonka, Persuasion, Bridgerton and many films and TV shows have been filmed. Make sure to peek at the stunning Cross Bath through the window at the end of Bath Street!

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23 April 2024
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23 April 2024