From Zero to Net Zero

There’s a lot of conversation about the environment and sustainability in the news. There is a lot of jargon when it comes to it. But what does Net Zero really mean?

This panel aims to break down what it means to be Net Zero and how your business can become more sustainable.

The Environment and your business


Lynne Fernquest – Chair

CEO at Bath Rugby Foundation

Lynne Fernquest is CEO of Bath Rugby Foundation and an ex-Trinity Mirror editor. Bath Rugby Foundation is a charity that drives change through community and educational interventions and believes that ‘every child deserves a fair start in life’. The Foundation builds confidence, develops skills, and creates independent pathways for young people to thrive. It has an Alternative Learning Hub based at The Rec and is active in many schools, has after-school clubs, and during the Pandemic pioneered BreakOut holiday camps to support struggling families. Most recently the Foundation has harnessed 20 years’ worth of inclusion practice and launched a Lose the Labels training programme inspiring businesses to explore the many benefits of a diverse workforce.

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Jo Lord

Head of Operations at Share and Repair

Jo works part-time at Share & Repair strengthening the operational infrastructure to enable the successful delivery of all their projects. In the rest of her time, she helps small companies increase their social and environmental impact throughout all their activities and go on to become B Corp accredited.

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