Welcome Ambassadors Recommends: Gluten Free Eateries in Bath

With so many fantastic restaurants to choose from, two of our wonderful Welcome Ambassadors Helen and Una, share their recommendations for Gluten Free options in Bath.

Cote Brasserie is excellent – very good selection of gf food.

Zizzi were one of the first restaurants to offer a GF menu then they stopped doing so. Happily they have now reinstated the option and it is very good.

Wagamama I’ve always found to be excellent – a dedicated member of staff will talk you through your choices.

Dough is another good choice with at least 4 different pizza bases to choose from.

I really like the Green Rocket, they have a good choice of gf food in addition to their vegetarian and vegan food.

The Architect – specific GF menu and attention to detail with the manager checking on degree of intolerance.

Coppa Club – Specific GF menu with great options!

Specifically for tea time The cafe at the Jane Austen Centre does the best GF scones – (except for Una’s own)  and Sweet Little Things has GF items.

For the majority of those who want a gluten free diet (GF0 eating in Bath is easy.  Most of the restaurants have menus with items annotated with GF or GFO (gluten free option).  There are now many places that have a specific GF menu.  However it must be recognised that often the food is prepared in kitchens where gluten is used, so for those with a high level of intolerance or allergy great care is required.  There is now a new term appearing on some menus – MWW – made without wheat.  This particularly refers to cafes with  selection of cakes and biscuits.

A massive Thank You to Helen and Una for the blog! Keep an eye out for our Welcome Ambassadors who are out Thursdays to Sundays! If you would like to see more of their recommendations you can browse previous Blogs.

Editor’s note: These different places are not offering gluten-free only menu, if you are following a strictly gluten-free diet, we highly encourage you to contact these restaurants in advance to avoid any cross contaminations risk.

15 April 2023
Last Updated
16 April 2024