Welcome Back – What’s New in Bath

Bath’s businesses are excited to begin welcoming people back safely as lockdown restrictions ease. We’re pleased to see that lots of businesses have been preparing for reopening with refurbishments and repaints around the city centre, and there are even some new and recent openings to discover. Here’s our guide to what’s new in Bath as we welcome you back to the city centre…

Although Bath’s businesses are looking forward to reopening, don’t forget that as businesses return from a long period of being away, some members of staff may be anxious, and things may take a bit longer than usual. If you are returning to the city, please ensure you follow current government guidelines, keep your distance and stay safe.

Perfecto Market
Perfecto Market

Recent Openings

Restaurants and Cafés


Hair and Beauty



The Coconut Tree

Coming Soon

Timber Treasures
Timber Treasures

Refreshes and Refurbishments

Published in
8 April 2021
Last Updated
6 May 2021