Place-Based Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling - Milsom Street

Join Dr Jo Morrison (Calvium) and Cleo Newcombe-Jones (B&NES) for an immersive workshop delving into the transformative potential of place-based digital storytelling. In an era where technology is part of place, harnessing its capabilities to provide compelling visitor experiences is essential.  

Through this workshop, participants will discover how digital tools can capture the essence of a location, weaving together narratives that reflect its varied histories, culture, and significance. 

By actively participating in this friendly workshop, attendees will gain practical insights into crafting compelling digital stories that resonate with diverse audiences, foster a deeper connection to place and support social awareness.  Let’s embark on a journey to amplify voices, celebrate heritage, and inspire curiosity through the art of place-based digital storytelling!

Dr Jo Morrison

Director of Digital Innovation at Calvium

As part of her role, Jo works to improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental prosperity of towns and cities through digital innovation is a core area of her work. In particular, discovering the opportunities and value that digital placemaking affords public, private and third sector clients involved in large scale developments, regeneration, and heritage – with the aim of creating more pleasurable, sustainable and citizen-centred places. Jo is also a Co-Founder of the Association of Collaborative Design and an Expert for The High Streets Task Force

Digital Storytelling - Cleo Newcombe-Jones

Cleo Newcombe-Jones

Regeneration Manager at Bath and North East Somerset Council

Cleo is an urban designer and town planner working for Bath & North East Somerset Council as the Council’s Regeneration Manager. She has significant experience working on the strategy, design and delivery of development, environmental and regeneration projects. Her team works to deliver regeneration projects with a portfolio of project valuing £24 million.

As part of her role she works on urban projects with a focus on Bath City Centre, and the market towns of Keynsham and Midsomer Norton as well as local High Streets.

She is also a Panel Member for Design West, the South West Region’s centre of excellence for design and placemaking.

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