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New Paintings by Daniel Crawshaw, Jenny Pockley and Rebecca Collins

13 April @ 10:00 am 11 May @ 5:00 pm

As Bath warms up Beaux Arts showcases the work of Daniel Crawshaw, Rebecca Collins and Jenny Pockley – three accomplished landscape artists whose work is informed by the landscapes of Wales, The Isle of Skye and the French Alps respectively.
Beautiful thrown and hand-painted ceramics are by gallery favourite Sara Moorhouse.

More about Daniel Crawshaw

British artist Daniel Crawshaw (b. 1967), is a painter intrigued by the fragile potential of mountains and is an obsessive gatherer of material. Whilst walking he photographs and distills his experiences into studio paintings of varying scale. Crawshaw says: “Sometimes I see my works as pinnacles of experience retrieved from a chaos of memory”.

Through oil paint Crawshaw aims to articulate lost moments common to us all and enjoys the possibility of transforming empty scenes into settings for others to occupy, suggesting that paintings can be inert objects on the precipice of flux or metaphysical arenas that draw the viewer in.

Crawshaw’s paintings of epic and isolated landscapes recall a sense of feeling overwhelmed in nature. The artists aim is to take viewers back to those dramatic encounters with a painting that resists conclusion. Delving beyond the photographic veneer, Crawshaw’s guiding preoccupation and enquiry into abstract construction is paramount.

More about Rebecca Collins

Rebecca Collins is a contemporary Scottish Artist and lives and works on the north-west coast of Scotland. Her practice is and has been for many years, one of solitude.

Even her 200 year-old small green studio – so crookedly positioned on its own, itself seems to be a lonely outpost on the edge of our island, an outpost surrounded completely and utterly by the majesty of Landscape in its purest form.

Her deep familiarity with this part of Scotland serves her well, having been a hardy witness to the extremity of change, not just of the seasons but of the light, the atmospheric conditions and the colours, she understands and indeed uses the versatility this realm can afford a painter.

Hers is not the classical style of Poussin and Claude where majesty is balanced harmoniously with conventions, nor the giddy expansive sublime of Casper David Friedrich, instead we get a distillation, a reduction – something removed, heightened and relocated in the picture plane of her canvas. Her formal concerns are key to how the artist wants us to view her images; the compositions are often sections of the landscape – a mountainside, a top, clouds, perhaps just a natural surface. Removed of their whole, these almost abstracted forms have a disjointed loneliness, perhaps echoing the artist’s equivalent for the distant memory of the experience.

More about Jenny Pockley

Born in the UK in 1972, Jenny Pockley gained a post graduate diploma from the Royal Academy Schools, London in 1997 after studying for a BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree at KIAD in Canterbury.

She has exhibited extensively in London but has also displayed works in Bath, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. She has gained numerous commissions, both private and corporate, including for the Waldorf Astoria group and Tiffany’s. She now lives and works in Rye, East Sussex.

12-13 York Street
Bath, BANES BA1 1NG United Kingdom
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